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Why building emotional connections with your customers matter

Businesses still often think of the customer journey as a transaction. Even though today’s customer service is indeed customer-centric, some interactions feel like they’re all about the money (technically in sales, it is). They check every customer touchpoints, identify the ones that ruin or improve the customer experience, and make sure customer satisfaction is achieved.

But what if your customers are already at high satisfaction levels? If your customers are already satisfied and are already enjoying the experience you provide, how can you make your customer relationship take one step further? That’s where building an emotional connection with your customers comes to play.


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Emotional connections matter in customer service

When you create an emotional connection with your customer, it can maximize their value. Those who have an emotional connection with your products and services tend to be your loyal customers.

In a Harvard Business Review study, they were deemed as much as twice as valuable as your highly satisfied customers. They tend to have less sensitivity towards changes, and they often pay attention to your company more. By having an emotional link, you’re tapping to their motivations and emotional needs.


Customers remember bad customer experiences

Customers remember bad service. In fact, studies have shown that it takes at least 12 good experiences to make up for just one bad experience. What more if customers don’t have an emotional bond? They tend to be even more unsatisfied with the service. They can also switch freely to a competitor should they feel slighted by your product/service.


Consumers tend to buy something they have emotional ties with

Most of the time, purchasing decisions are more emotion-based than logic-based. When a customer has an emotional bond with a company, goods or services, they likely won’t hesitate to buy your goods or services. Such customers believe in your company. Take a look at Apple consumers, for example. With an excellent set of products that set the gadget meta and a personable customer support team, the tech giant created a lasting bond with its customers, resulting in customer loyalty. After all, a good rapport can be a very powerful persuasion tactic.


Emotional connections are long-lasting

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An emotional bond wins both the hearts and the minds of your customers. Such emotional links have been made with memorable customer experiences that swayed them to the company’s favor. A research by neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki showed that emotional links help create long-term memories. When a good customer service memory comes to their minds, it’s associated with your company.

It’s not enough for your business to deliver quality customer service, ensure satisfaction and give an enjoyable experience to your consumers. You must also consider taking the next step in furthering the customer relationship by creating an emotional connection with your customers. That way, your service becomes even more memorable.



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