What’s getting in the way of your market research?

Almost every brand out there has sophisticated means of gathering customer insights. But this alone isn’t enough. What makes a successful market research is an organization’s ability to understand data and apply what they learned to day-to-day operations. But as the data that companies handle become even more complex, getting to know customers is also becoming more challenging.

Aside from this, brand managers must also ensure that the organization’s objectives are aligned with the type of customer insights being gathered. A disconnect between the two will only lead to a huge waste of resources.

If you’re one of those companies who have everything in place yet still couldn’t obtain a 360-degree view of their customers, these things may be getting in your way.


1.     Poor data integration


Many companies nowadays are working with multiple partners: their contact center, some industry experts, and potential investors, to name a few. And yes, all of these organizations are great data sources.

But to complicate it further, brands also have to deal with the existence of several different platforms that they use to gain customer insights. We’re talking about the web and its numerous facets, face-to-face interactions, phone-based communication, and cross-channel transactions.

It’s quite understandable that many companies are crumbling under this immense pressure. There’s an urgent need to be able to look at your customers using multiple perspectives in order to fully understand them.


2.     Failure to leverage multiple touch points


In the age of data explosion, more and more brands realize that they need the help of a contact center that knows its way through the field of customer service.

Outsourcing companies are indeed a great help if your aim is to provide seamless multichannel services. It’s a sure way of uplifting the customer experience while making sure that all customer data are being used to improve your services.


3.     Maintaining internal relationships


You need to build a good relationship not just with your customers but with your staff as well. The culture that your organization nurtures serves as the foundation of exemplary performance. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a solid team, or your employees have different goals in mind, it can be impossible to achieve your company goals.


4.     Insufficient knowledge about big data


The idea that having access to so much data is beneficial for brands is, for many reasons, a misconception. Organizations must first have the ability to analyze and interpret huge volumes of data and turn these insights into actionable strategies. If not, market research would just lose its purpose.

However, while jobs that require data science skills are mushrooming, there are very few professionals who have these abilities. Companies are thus struggling to fill their offices with people who have the knowledge and skills required to understand big data.

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