How to retain managerial control when outsourcing to the Philippines

Outsourcing to the Philippines

The fear of losing managerial control is normal for anyone who thinks of outsourcing to the Philippines. It’s understandable, as outsourcing has been almost synonymous to entrusting a service fully to a separate entity.

But is it really fine to fear losing complete managerial control over your services when you decide to partner with an outsourcing firm?


As experts would always say it, the answer is yes. And the answer must always be yes, as this means that you still care for your services. Indeed, there are business owners who outsource services not only because they can’t handle it anymore but also because they consider it as second priority, which is wrong. For experts, this fear becomes fine depending on what kind of contract you sign, types of services you outsource, and the level of dedication you apply to the endeavor.

In simpler terms, outsourcing can indeed deprive you of control over your services. But that would only happen if you, the one who decides to outsource, would let this thing happen.

What you need to do is find the outsourcing business that would allow you to obtain control despite the subcontract setting. Although there are a few companies that offer outsourcing partnership contracts that let the business obtain managerial control and customization over its services, it would be impossible not to find one.
What do you really need to fear about?

Although having full managerial control over the outsourced services is every business’ concern, it would be more beneficial to think about more damage-inducing matters. Hence, you, the business owner, must seek for an outsourcing company that is more than capable of taking care and putting your services on a higher level.


Be more worried about finding an outsourcing firm that is close-minded, those that are unwilling to bend their contracts even if what you’ve been proposing would be beneficial to your partnership. Indeed, outsourcing to the Philippines is still a partnership, and being bound by a contract that only one party benefits ruins its essence. The business and the outsourcing firm are partners; hence, they should work hand in hand in every step of the way.

An outsourcing firm that is open about tweaking its already-set rules is the one you should find, because such trait signifies willingness and adherence to partnership. Businesses that allow it are the ones that respect the idea of partnership and your own business strategies as well. And everyone knows that a partnership that lacks respect in its core components is not a partnership at all.

In a nutshell, look for an outsourcing firm that adheres to business ethics, pro-employee policies, and recognition from its industry and market for putting its business partners on top of its priorities.

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