Why you should plan your blog topics


Blogging is an effective marketing tool that doesn’t put off people by glaring promotions, but its success lies largely on the subjects you talk about. Open Access BPO explains the importance of choosing the right topics for your business blog.

Blogging is one of the most popular business process outsourcing (BPO) services in the Philippines that firms provide to brands that need aid in introducing themselves to their target audience and building a strong online presence. This is essentially a way of marketing a brand without doing blatant promotions, so content creators and managers must carefully strategize their blogging schemes. Posts must be able to give what the audience is looking for while ingraining in the readers the identity of the business blog.

However, you can’t simply write about anything you’re interested in or publish whenever you feel like it. You first have to know who you’re writing for (the audience), identify their needs, and define your core message in order to pinpoint the most suitable subjects you must tackle. By doing so, you gain the following:


•     Identity and consistency


Choosing topics that match your image or are in line with your core message sets a voice that readers will easily recognize. This identity will also help set you apart from other blogs even if they have a theme that’s similar to yours or publish the same types of content as you. In addition, mapping topics and aligning regular entries with your core message makes your posting activities consistent. This will ultimately result in a seamless direction for your content marketing initiative.


•     Healthy rankings


To be more specific about the ultimate result of planning blog topics we just pointed out, subscriptions, web traffic, and search engine optimization (SEO) rankings will reap the fruits of consistent writing. As far as content marketing is concerned, blogging aims to make your website more visible in search engines, and publishing planned, consistent articles is one of the most effective ways of optimizing your blog.


•     High conversion rates


Talking about the right subjects is an efficient way of showing how your brand can benefit your customers. It creates awareness to your readers until it leads them to a decision to buy. It invites people to visit your page, stay for the content, and convert readers into loyal customers.


Content marketing relies critically on choice—selecting the right topics and following a good publishing scheme is the biggest steps you should take towards web prominence.



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