How outsourcing multilingual support can boost your sales


Many companies that are expanding to different international markets turn to outsourcing multilingual customer service. Open Access BPO explains how this outsourcing solution can help your growing business earn more revenues and increase your customer base significantly.

If your goal is to increase sales, you need to know what your customers want. But if your goal is to continuously growing as a business, you need to reach out to a bigger purchasing market even if it means expanding your operations to different countries.

One of the challenges you can face in doing so is managing language barriers. Customers always want to interact with sales agents in the language that is most comfortable for them. Without multilingual support, your customers may be driven to your competitors. Fortunately, multilingual call center support services can readily be outsourced nowadays to low-cost regions such as the Philippines.


How multilingualism can make a difference

If a non English-speaking customer calls your sales team and there’s no one who can speak in the same language that he or she does, you are most likely going to drive the customer away. Conversely, your sales and customer service agents may find it difficult to get their point across when facing a similar situation. This leads to failure in providing quality customer service.

It’s all about building a competitive advantage that can set your business apart from competing brands. By making sure your customer service is built to provide exceptional experience to your customers, you can expect commitment and trust from them in return. Exceptional service starts with taking into consideration the needs of your customers as soon as the sales process begins.


Guaranteeing a bright future for your business

Long-term success can only be guaranteed by a satisfied and loyal customer base. This is where multilingual call centers can help your business. When problems occur, it’s always best to communicate with your customers in their native tongue, especially if they are upset or angry. A multilingual call center can help you prevent product returns which are costly. Multilingual agents can also upsell or cross-sell with your international customers to help you boost your sales.

Since language can serve as a barrier between businesses and international customers, outsourcing to a multilingual call center can also therefore help you expand to foreign markets. By adding multilingual support to your business features, you are creating a more attractive brand image that can magnetize more international customers to do business with you.

Most importantly, because multilingual call centers are equipped with time-tested quality assurance methods, they can offer you a proficient workforce that is carefully screened and trained using strict standards that focus on language and cultural proficiency. Multilingual agents are not only hired based on their language skills, but also their knowledge of the target culture. This helps your business localize the voice you use in communicating with your customers and build strong relationship with the people that fuel your business.

Customer service can only be great if the message you want to relay reaches the customers clearly. The only way to stand out in building strong relationships with international customers is by equipping your business with multilingual support. By outsourcing to a multilingual call center, you can keep your customers satisfied and loyal to your brand. More importantly, it will be easier for you to expand your business if you can attract more customers with unique features such as multilingual support. This, in turn, can lead to increased revenues and faster growth for your business.



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