Why should you outsource social media management?


Many companies turn to social media to deliver compelling and engaging brand message to existing and potential customers. Open Access BPO explains how startup companies can benefit from outsourcing this business solution.

There’s almost no business service that you can’t outsource to an offshore provider nowadays. Business process outsourcing (BPO) has enabled clients to focus on their core competencies while an outsourcing firm takes care of their outsourced voice or non-voice BPO solutions. Among the wide range of services that businesses outsource worldwide, social media management is one of the newest but fastest growing niche.

Social media is an accessible means for customers to voice out concerns and gain helpful insights from other consumers as well. With companies using social media platforms to deliver their brand message to a vast audience, the demand for quality social media management is high.

From deciding what message or comments to publish to using marketing strategies, such as social media ads and surveys, social media management can be a bit challenging for a small in-house staff. Here are some reasons why outsourcing this service to an offshore provider instead will yield benefits for your business:


•   Save time


Through outsourcing, your staff can spend time wisely on more important tasks instead of managing your social networking accounts. Social media management demands 24/7 monitoring of posts and online activities from subscribers, so, outsourcing to a service provider is the solution to businesses that need to be constantly available to their customers.


•   Maximize profits

With increased productivity and more time to focus on your business core, you can now plan the expansion of your business. You will also have enough time to evaluate where to invest your profits while saving costs on workforce, infrastructure, and technology needed in building a social media team.


•   Utilize expert knowledge

Outsourcing companies hire social media managers that have strong background and knowledge in content marketing. Rather than paying for the pricey services of a local marketing expert, you can outsource social media managers to boost your online presence at an affordable cost. They are constantly trained in using content strategies to increase your popularity in the online sphere.


•   Increase post count and speed


Your customers mainly turn to social media for speedy responses they could get there. Thus, you must meet this expectation and be aware of the responsibility to let them know about product and service updates as soon as possible. By outsourcing social media management, you can take advantage of the continuous operation to post urgent matters quickly. By publishing at a faster rate, your posts will have more retweets and shares.


•   Empower brand voice

With an expert team working to refine your brand image online, you can have an empowered voice that you can use in connecting with your existing and potential customers. When they see that you take time in enhancing communication channels, your customers will be satisfied with your services, and in turn, they will pay back with continuous support and loyalty to your brand.

Outsourcing social media management can have a good impact to your business. If you are a small business aiming to make use of modern technological innovations to dominate the marketing realm, then outsourcing this business process can help you engage with more customers.

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Alistair Roque

Alistair Roque

Alistair Roque works as a content writer and blogger for Open Access BPO, a Makati-based outsourcing firm. At present, he spends most of his time writing about modern marketing tools encompassing all forms of media including mobile, e-mail, social media, and other digital platforms. He also gives tips on branding strategies, search engine optimization (SEO), and content marketing. To learn more about the digital marketing and back office solutions you may visit or You may also want to follow me on Gplus

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