Launching your own social media contest to boost engagement

Keeping your online followers engaged with your brand is challenging. Many brands are competing in the digital sphere, and everyone wants to come out on top of the industry. It doesn’t come as a surprise that every brand out there has its own online strategies that help drive traffic to their sites. Many businesses make use of their websites as a platform for customer support services mixed with just the right amount of entertainment.

Since businesses started going to social networks, it has become more common to conduct a social media contest in order to get noticed by customers. Using the right strategy and format, such online events can serve as a fun digital marketing tactics for your business, not to mention that they are indeed appealing for customers.

Here are five simple tips to aid you in launching your very own online contest.


1.     Choose the “venue.”


Your business may have multiple social accounts, so you have to carefully consider where to hold your contest. Sure, you may use more than one platform but remember that this adds to the list of responsibilities that you’ll be handling later. It’s also best to pay attention to the specialization of each social networking site. For example, Twitter is limited to 140-character tweets while Facebook allows a bigger room for text and media posts.


2.     Come up with easy-to-understand rules.


Your customers may be busy individuals who only have a few minutes to spare for browsing their social accounts. So make sure that the mechanics for your social media contest will be easy to understand and quick to execute. This will also encourage more users to participate, which translates to increased customer engagement for your brand.


3.     Make it interesting and creative.


With hundreds (or even thousands) of brands conducting social contests everyday as part of their customer engagement strategies, how do you make yours stand out? A tip is to make your contest more creative, unique, and unusual. You can also try mind-boggling questions to capture the interest of your target market.


4.     Involve influencers and bloggers.


Influencers and bloggers can help you spread the word and get as many participants as you can. However, make sure not to rely on them fully, but take advantage of their role in initiating the process for your social media contest.


5.     Implement an efficient schedule.


Scheduling your online contest at the best possible time will enable you to increase your reach. Of course, you need ample time to strategize, come up with good visuals, decide on a theme, and identify the people who will help move your event forward. As with any type of project, efficient scheduling will ensure that you can carry out all processes efficiently.


Business leaders have found more uses for social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These websites provide customer support services and simultaneously serve as platforms for customer engagement strategies. As part of the latter, holding your own social media contest will widen your reach and create happier customers.



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