How do you know if a call center has a good reputation


A good indicator that your outsourcing provider can guarantee you productive outcomes is its reputation. Open Access BPO lists down some areas you should examine in evaluating whether your prospective call center is reputable or not.

Many businesses outsource to a call center in the Philippines because they want to upgrade their customer service to a globally competitive status. This goal can only be achieved if the outsourcing company they choose to partner with has a good reputation in making their clients winners in customer service. By choosing to outsource to a company with questionable reputation, your business has no guarantee of making it far. Worse, your own brand may be tarnished because of the inadequacy of your outsourcing provider.

It is therefore imperative for you to get to know your service provider well before entering into an outsourcing deal. This involves researching about the company and checking its background by talking to call center managers personally and soliciting feedback from references, including existing and past clients. Ultimately, your call center must possess the following qualities:


Ethical business practice


A company’s reputation is influenced by the business practice it follows and the principles that it upholds. Every decision it makes must be sensitive to the welfare of its customers and employees. Evaluate their track record when it comes to implementing user agreements and nature of product advertisements. Determine if there have been ethical issues the company has faced in the past and how the call center’s leaders managed the situation. A simple case of misleading promotion or scam offer is a red flag that you should watch out for.


Good employment relationship

Choose an outsourcing partner that values its employees the same way it values customers. The call center must allow the exercise of employee rights through organization of labor unions and provision of healthy working conditions. There must be no legal issues when it comes to benefits and salary. Remember, the call center’s workforce will be your company’s workforce eventually. Hence, you must make sure that your outsourcing provider can give the best team to run your outsourcing campaign.


Strong partnerships

The best way to know if a company is trustworthy is by reaching out to companies that have entrusted their services to your prospect. This can allow you to gauge your provider’s capabilities and track record. Ask the former and current clients what challenges they have encountered while outsourcing and how the provider contributed to their resolution. The best sources of information are companies that either belong to the same industry as yours or those that have outsourced the same services that you are planning to outsource.


Positive market reception


The recognitions your provider has received in the past are indications of its good standing in the industry. Awards are given by industry experts after careful selection. Hence, they can serve as objective measures of your provider’s ability to provide exceptional services. You must also consider its longevity in the business. A call center that invests in advocacies that contribute to the welfare of other people or the society as a whole is a company that is socially responsible and conscious.

Finding a reputable outsourcing provider is a challenge you must take in order to avoid outsourcing failures. You must set your criteria carefully and choose your outsourcing partner wisely in order to guarantee your business a fruitful outsourcing experience.



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Alistair Roque

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