Is it time to redesign your call center?

In recent years, there have been drastic changes in office design trends. Companies have started to bring so much personality into their spaces. By doing so, they cultivate employees’ creativity, allowing them to relax and express their individuality.


Contact centers are no exception to this design craze. In fact, because call center jobs are usually routine-based, agents are in need of a fun, light-hearted atmosphere that stimulates them. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be Google to give your employees a better work experience. Simple tweaks can already make big differences, but first, you need to come up with a plan.

Below, we compiled some useful and highly doable office design ideas that would make your office a much better space.


1.     Listen to your employees.


Do your employees need a much more ergonomic workstation with height-adjustable chairs or a noise-free space? Only they can tell you, so go ask them what they really need.

Remember that you’ll be altering your office design for your employees’ benefits. Their work environment must let them carry out their tasks quickly and efficiently, so don’t make the mistake of leaving them out of this process.


2.     Create spaces with privacy.


Private spaces are great for one-on-one training sessions and meetings. They’re also useful if your employees need a place where they can concentrate hard to finish a project. This way, you can ensure that their outputs are of top quality.


3.     Consider the level of noise.


Ideally, call center agents must work in a distraction-free zone. Too much noise can prevent them from communicating clearly with the customer, which then compromises their performance. There are many ways to eliminate noise within the workplace, but often, a small divider between desks can work wonders.


4.     Build collaboration hubs.


We’re not talking about a conference room here, but something like a comfortable lounge where employees can relax with their co-workers. These kinds of areas help nurture creativity and are conducive to brainstorming. Plus, if your employees need to rest a bit, it’s great if they have a place to stay in other than the coffee shops outside.


5.     Invest in ergonomic furniture.


We all know that office-based workers are prone to muscle pains, headaches, and a lot of other conditions associated with sitting for too long. Do consider this as you rearrange or replace the furniture in your call center. An ergonomic workstation promotes physical wellness, enabling employees to perform efficiently.


6.     Play with colors.


A study found that bland colors such as white, gray, beige, and black can lead to feelings of sluggishness for women. On the other hand, men aren’t fans of purple and orange. So it’s best to avoid these hues when designing your contact center’s office interiors.

Aside from altering our moods, colors also impact productivity. Restful shades like green and blue, which are most commonly found in nature, can enhance focus. They can also induce happiness, giving your office design a real boost.


7.     Upgrade your facilities.


Make your agents feel at home in the office by providing all facilities or items that they may need. For instance, most contact centers have sleeping quarters to help employees adjust to shifting schedules. Little things like hand sanitizers, medicine tablets, and other everyday needs also matter.

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