How important is first contact resolution to a Philippine call center

The ability of agents to spare the customers from the burden of having to call again can speak a lot about the call center’s efficiency and overall productivity. Open Access BPO explains why first contact resolution matters a lot to call center leaders.

First contact resolution (FCR) remains to be one of the most commonly used performance indicators among call centers in measuring the total number of cases resolved on the customers’ first call attempt. It reinforces the idea that agents must do their best in coming up with solutions to the problems presented by customers. By doing so, customers no longer have to call back and raise the same concern or simply wait for long period of time.

For a call center, having high FCR rates can mean high customer service quality. It is therefore essential for call center managers to include this yardstick when coming up with strategies and quality assurance methods that can improve workforce efficiency.

Customer satisfaction

How important is first contact resolution to a Philippine call center- Open-Access-BPO-

The call center agents’ ability to efficiently resolve issues the first time customers call about them heavily influences customer satisfaction. This builds up the reputation of a call center in managing customer concerns effectively. In turn, the outsourcing client gains leverage through the increased customer loyalty. This also implies that the brand’s call center operations can contribute to its bottom line.


When customers are left with no choice but to make repeat calls because of poor FCR, it’s the call center that will ultimately suffer. The biggest financial peril that can be faced by a brand with inefficient contact center is losing its valued customers because of dissatisfaction. Nobody wants to keep repeating the same concern only to be transferred to another agent later on.

If a customer support team can’t solve cases after just a single instance of contact, this may mean that the call center needs better training measures or is simply understaffed. Either way, this can imply operational and labor costs. When calls are escalated from one person to another and resolution of cases take time, more resources are being consumed than what is required.

Agent efficiency

How important is first contact resolution to a Philippine call center- Open-Access-BPO-_

Managers can use FCR rates to measure the weaknesses and strengths of their call center agents. FCR can gauge the agents’ expertise, enabling the call center managers to determine whether their training and coaching efforts are effective or not. In other words, FCR can help a call center improve weak areas that affect its overall productivity.

If a Philippine call center has a good reputation, it can gain the trust of more international outsourcing clients. They can include their customer support teams’ FCR rates, along with other performance metric standing, and the call center’s quality assurance programs when negotiating with prospective partners. These pieces of information can then be utilized as a bragging feature that can help a call center stand out from the competition.

Having impressive FCR can create a compelling track record for a call center. Therefore, the agents’ ability to resolve issues quickly must, therefore, not be taken for granted. Not only can prompt resolution result to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, the topnotch performance can also define the call center’s longevity in the Philippine outsourcing industry.



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