How important is client privacy when outsourcing to the Philippines?


When outsourcing to a call center, one of your responsibilities is to make sure your provider can secure your company data effectively. Open Access BPO explains why client privacy is highly important when outsourcing and what you should do to ensure your provider does not compromise your reputation.

Confidentiality is oftentimes one of the overlooked areas when it comes to outsourcing. Most first-timers may not see importance in client privacy or customer data security, but as an outsourcing client, it’s important that you learn why safeguarding your data should be upheld by your outsourced call center in the Philippines.


Why confidentiality matters


Providing your customers the assurance that any information they give will be handled professionally and safely can help you create an image of trustworthiness and credibility. A call center with data security protocols is an organization that values its clients, since it is aware that any information leakage or abuse can threaten their reputation.

Informing your outsourcing partner about the specific problems you want the outsourcing campaign to address is crucial in its success. If you hesitate to reveal company statistics or data for fear of confidentiality issues, you prevent your provider from helping you in the best way possible. In fact, merely holding back information is as bad as building an outsourcing relationship with mistrust and doubt as foundations.

Conversely, orienting the call center leaders about your operational dilemma can help them solve your business problems effectively. Your outsourced call center in the Philippines can now come up with specific business solutions that will match your needs and expectations.


How can you ensure privacy when outsourcing?

Perhaps the strongest fear an outsourcing client can face when it comes to confidentiality is the fear that its outsourcing provider will hand over crucial company information to its competitors. An alternative frightening case would be the usage of customer database for other purposes, such as another client’s e-mail marketing or telemarketing campaign. This will not only compromise your position in the tight competition, but will also predispose you to losing your valued customers.

It is therefore essential for you to be clear about every aspect of your outsourcing deal, particularly how your provider plans to deal with security and confidentiality issues. The Philippine government, being accountable for the outsourcing boom in the country, has enshrined laws and regulations that protect key players of the service industry including outsourcing clients.


With client protections laws such as the Data Privacy Act of 2012, clients can be guaranteed that all information they hand over to any call center is secured and protected. Any information gathered from the customers through any communication system is also mandated by law to be secured and never compromised in any way.

Legalities aside, a more practical way of ensuring that your call center can guarantee your privacy is by conducting a research. Contact references or previous clients of your outsourcing provider, especially companies that belong to the same industry that you come from. Ask them if there have been confidentiality issues during the conduct of their outsourcing campaigns. Most importantly, find out how the outsourcing provider responded to these kinds of issues. The efforts you pour into finding more about your outsourcing partner can go a long way in protecting your reputation.

A call center’s ability to adhere to confidentiality agreement speaks a lot about its business ethics. As a provider of a company’s vital operations, a call center becomes an extension office of the outsourcing client. Ensuring that this extension office has a good track record when it comes to client privacy is therefore a responsibility that you must take before entering into an outsourcing deal.



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