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Ensuring customer satisfaction through live chat

There are many ways to engage with your customers and solve their problems, but one of the most popular ones is chat support. A 2015 study shows that 92% of customers prefer live chat over other platforms when seeking assistance from brands. This channel can make up for the limitations of other customer service touchpoints, like the phone, email, and social media. Here’s how it ensures customer satisfaction.


1.     It reduces the issues involved in voice conversations.

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Customers who are more comfortable with written communication prefer chatting and instant messaging because it doesn’t require them to speak. Plus, text-based conversations can help you clarify customer details. For example, you won’t have to ask customers to spell their name or repeat previously said information. Through web chat, other problems such as background noise are also eliminated.


2.     Problems are solved in real time.

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With chat support, customers get replies more quickly than through the phone or email. They won’t have to deal with long hold times during phone interactions or long response times in email conversations. Also, because it allows contact center agents to review and reread a conversation, it becomes easier for them to analyze the customer’s problem. This lets them solve an issue faster.


3.     It improves customer interactions.

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Live chat gives agents some leeway so they can think through their responses before sending them. It allows them to choose their words properly in order to effectively convey a message. By doing so, they can make some quick checks, ensuring that the information being provided is correct and that they don’t sound robotic to a customer. Both of these can instantly improve a customer support interaction.


Despite the availability of several contact center channels, the convenience of live chat lets customers get what they want in the fastest way. Although it’s not the end-all means of customer service, having one is a powerful way to build meaningful client relationships.



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