Why community members must take part in content moderation


If you have an expert community manager or content moderator working for your brand, is there still a need for you to crowdsource content moderation? Open Access BPO explains the benefits of allowing your online community to get involved in your content moderation process.

Aside from interacting with one another and attracting other people to join their discussions, your online community members also play a vital role in maintaining the overall quality of experience your site visitors can get. They can also act as your online content moderators.

How to get members involved


Getting your community members involved in your moderation process can be done in many ways. Reactive moderation is a type of content moderation where your members can report inappropriate content after it has been published on your website, social media account, or forum. Community managers then get to direct their attention to submissions that have been flagged as abusive by the members.

Distributed moderation, on the other hand, allows the audience to score or vote published content, making the process more engaging for community members. This works best for small communities where members can systematically follow a rating system in evaluating submissions. This process, however, may take time before the inappropriate content can be brought to your community manager’s attention.

Benefits of greater community involvement

Enabling community members to report or downvote offensive content can also bring several advantages. With more people acting as your brand ambassadors, you have a bigger workforce that aims to protect your brand’s online reputation by means of moderation. This kind of engagement makes your members’ online experience special. They can now see themselves as valued members, since they can do so much more than just posting comments or sharing content.

Online interactions should always be two-way. Meaning, your community managers must also listen to the suggestions of your community members in terms of protecting your website from harmful content. If you give them the privilege to take an active role in helping your community managers, there will be a greater sense of community formed out of this collaboration.


In other words, adding content moderation to your membership privileges enhances how your online community behaves. With greater sense of responsibility, your community members will naturally keep coming to your website. The members will become more responsible in interacting with one another and more vigilant in keeping the website under their watch. You can even give incentives to motivate them further in reporting inappropriate content.

Ultimately, this leads to a harmonious online interaction. The quality of conversations published on your website can do a lot in attracting new members. This plays a significant role in increasing lead generation and sales conversions. Just like an actual neighborhood, maintaining order can be an attractive feature for visitors who are interested in joining the community.

Making your community members more productive by appointing them as your content moderators can do so much more than just preventing unwanted content from hurting your brand. This heightened involvement leads to a more collaborative process where each member contributes to the overall quality of his online community’s platform.



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