How to choose the right photos for your social media pages

Choosing the right image has a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your entire social media platform. More than the quantity and even quality of the text, the first thing site visitors will notice are the images. This is why knowing how to put up images that blend harmoniously is important to captivate the audience even at first glance. Businesses that outsource to call centers in the Philippines to maintain their social media sites must know how to select the right images to put a premium to the brand. Here are some tips to help you choose your next image for your social media page:

1.     Use high quality images


To ensure that your images can easily be seen by your visitors (and deliver your message or represent your brand), it must have the highest quality possible that fits various social media platforms. Low resolution images can turn customers off, so don’t make images larger that it should be to avoid distortion.


2.     Stir up emotions


Humans can easily relate with images because we can understand both their aesthetic and contextual values. Photos, colors, and symbols can deliver messages and express emotions. So as a brand, your company must understand the value that visuals bring to your business. In this regard, it would be best for you to use images that can elicit positive emotions from your existing and potential customers. Here, you can use images that stir up emotions to make your campaigns more compelling, inspire customer engagements, and influence buying decisions.


3.     Reinforce branding


Every brand has its specific look to set it apart from competitors and create a high recall among customers. Perhaps it’s in the color palette of choice, the logo, art style, or the symbols found in every image posted on your website and social media pages. These visual elements help push your branding efforts forward, making your look distinctly yours, and easily recognizable. When coupled with quality products and customer service, your visitors will come to associate these visual elements with a good brand that they can trust.


4.     Be authentic


With all the online photo services that offer free images you can use, site visitors can distinguish whether the ones you post are original or not. Having unique images show how much you put an effort to pull your images and content together, how you’ve invested your time in creating something new and authentic for them. Coming up with original photos can perfectly match how you intend your target market to perceive your brand. This may involve careful planning that heavily considers branding and a bit of market research.


5.     Less is more


This is the perfect adage to follow in posting photos in your company’s social media platforms. As much as you want to fill your pages with images of your products and your company’s events, doing so can make it hard for your customers to focus on your actual message. Having the perfect balance of written and visual content is still the best way to catch their attention and feed them with necessary details.

  Indeed, images carry a big value. They can draw different emotions from customers that affect their buying decisions. This is why you must take note of these pointers if you are about to create or update your website. Make sure to have the perfect balance of content and images to invite more customers to view your page.

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Alistair Roque

Alistair Roque

Alistair Roque works as a content writer and blogger for Open Access BPO, a Makati-based outsourcing firm. At present, he spends most of his time writing about modern marketing tools encompassing all forms of media including mobile, e-mail, social media, and other digital platforms. He also gives tips on branding strategies, search engine optimization (SEO), and content marketing. To learn more about the digital marketing and back office solutions you may visit or You may also want to follow me on Gplus

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