What can lead your outsourcing deal to failure?


The last thing you want to happen with your outsourcing deal is seeing it fail miserably, especially when you could have prevented it from happening. Open Access BPO shares some common reasons why businesses fail at outsourcing and what you can do to avoid them.

Outsourcing call center support services can bring several advantages to your business, including reduction of operational and labor costs, improvement of customer service delivery, and increase in sales. But, when done hastily or ineffectively, your outsourcing deal can end up being a failure.

There are many possible reasons why you can fail at outsourcing. Although the causes may vary from one business to another, there are common ones that you can learn a lesson from.

Loss of control over critical functions


One common reason why companies decide to withdraw from an outsourcing partnership is due of the loss of managerial control over their core business functions. Because they chose to outsource critical business processes, such as budgeting and branding, the sense of proximity and ability to immediately act on any change in these business aspects are lost.

Because of the few expected difficulties faced in the adjustment period of an outsourcing deal, a company may feel compelled to pull back these services and manage them in-house again.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed about the loss of control over important functions, you can try outsourcing minor or ancillary tasks first, especially if it’s your first time to outsource. This can allow you to adjust quickly without the fear of risking too much.

Getting yourself involved in the delivery of services is also another way of maintaining managerial control. Make sure your outsourcing provider keeps in touch with you in every step of the way and asks for your opinion during critical stages.

Failure to meet expectations


When entering into an outsourcing partnership, it’s normal to have lots of initial expectations. Outsourcing providers usually promise prospective clients several things just to get them to sign a deal. You may have been promised significant changes in certain business areas, only to see your providers fall short in delivering them.

The best way to prevent this is by being realistic as much as possible when agreeing on terms with your outsourcing provider. Set goals that won’t overburden your provider but would still maximize the benefits of having an outsourced team.

Since metrics are important in measuring performance, you and your provider must agree on target numbers. Quality assurance and performance coaching strategies must also be available to make sure that your outsourced team is constantly honed to perform effectively.

The success of your outsourcing deals depends on how you and your partner execute the pre-planning stage and agree on the specifications of the deal. By anticipating possible difficulties, such as communication barriers or failure to meet quotas, you can come up with back-up plan that can provide immediate remedy to them. This stops whatever predicament from getting worse or from leading both parties to the termination of the deal.



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