How call center support services benefit from multilingual agents


Multilingual call center agents strengthen ties between customers and brands, but aside from this, they also help companies in other ways. Open Access BPO explains the importance of multilingualism in the call center business.


As a marketable skill, multilingualism is in demand by outsourcing firms that provide call center support services. Companies look for agents who can communicate with customers effectively using the language that the market speaks. Since bilinguals are able to serve a wider range of customers, call centers prefer to hire them to handle foreign language accounts.

Better understanding

Businesses try to eliminate the language barrier that causes customers to leave a brand by placing agents who use the same language that customers speak. For this reason, tech support call centers hire native-speakers to help users understand complex product policies and tech manuals that may be harder for non-English-speakers to comprehend if explained in English.

Customer service firms also prefer native-speakers to understand the public better. Representatives who deliver service in the language that the customers use easily build rapport faster. This instant connection then makes the customers feel valued, appeases irate callers, and removes cultural context issues.

Culturally competent workplace


Having bilingual and multicultural employees helps diversify the workplace, making it easy for the management to educate the workforce about the varying beliefs and cultures of other nationalities. Achieving this, the company becomes culturally competent.

In addition, multilingualism benefits organizations that transact with foreign suppliers and partners, which is an advantage against most homogenous workplaces. Workers able to speak in different languages and come from various ethnicities can tell the call center management and its clients about what products work best for a target nation or what services appeal to a certain demographic. This genuine insight then enables brands to expand territories and penetrate international markets.

Multilingualism is truly an asset in the business process outsourcing industry. Not only does it strengthen business ties, it also opens big opportunities for companies to grow. Organizations without multilingual employees as assets are missing out on the chance to build a reputation in the global business scene and tap into a deep customer pool.



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Alistair Roque

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