What to do when your call center agents commit errors

How should you respond when your call center agents commit mistakes? Open Access BPO gives a step-by-step guide for call center managers on how to come up with an agent error reduction plan.

Accuracy of work is a priority for any call center in the Philippines. Whether it’s a customer service or sales campaign, the quality of work done by agents is crucial to the overall success of the project. Agent mistakes are definitely something you don’t want to happen in your call center. Whether you like it or not, however, agent errors are also inevitable. Being prepared for such incidents is, therefore, a practical strategy.

Call center errors can have financial repercussions, especially if it becomes a reason for your outsourcing client to lose its customers. As a call center manager, you’d do everything to make your team as protected as possible from the possibility of committing human errors. Monitoring systems and first-aid troubleshooting plans must be set in place to prevent errors from worsening.

Here are some measures that you can add to your call center’s error reduction plan.


1.     Study the errors


To successfully reduce the cases of agent errors, you need to know what’s actually causing them. Whether it’s an improperly filled out form, error in shipment, or wrong customer service information, there has to be something that caused your agents to commit them. Being aware of the causative factors of agent errors allows you to proactively refine your services for the better.


2.     Assess the resources involved


More often than not, agents can commit mistakes because they’re unfamiliar with the call center support’s service features. It can be a specific equipment, software, or any property that may have never been detected in the past. You may need to replace these technologies or upgrade them to prevent such issues from happening again. Your agents must also be fully oriented on how to use them.


3.     Update your monitoring plan


One strong reason why agent errors keep on recurring and catch you by surprise is because your evaluation program is not established properly. The strategies you use in monitoring your agents’ performance can be the very reason why simple mistakes still exist in your call center. Start by updating your performance evaluation program and make your guidelines sensitive to the areas that have always shown weakness.


4.     Use findings to improve training


There’s no point in investigating and collecting information about agent errors in your call center if you don’t utilize them in improving your training efforts. You must have a dynamic approach in training your agents. This means that your training courses must include the different common agent errors and how they can be resolved.


5.     Provide individual coaching


Aside from training your workforce to prevent errors, you can also spend quality time in coaching them one by one. Individual coaching allows you to discuss things thoroughly with the agents who are specifically involved in the reported incident. It allows you to scrutinize the errors and assist the involved agents in making an error reduction plan.


If you truly want to provide high quality call center services, minimizing the chances of agent errors can be a good initial step. Mistakes are nothing new to call centers. As managers, you must know how to turn each instance into an insightful learning opportunity where you and your workforce can learn from the past and become a better team afterward.



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