Boosting call center performance through enhanced product knowledge


Impressing customers is easy if your agents are confident in what they are talking about. Open Access BPO explains how your call center agents can have impressive product knowledge, which they can use to improve customer satisfaction rates and sales.

There is no question about how important product knowledge is in customer service and sales. Outsourcing employees who are product experts means having people who can answer any product-related inquiry and effectively assist customers with their needs. When partnering with a Philippine call center, ensuring that your agents have solid product knowledge is one way of boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer service representatives who have strong knowledge of your product features are capable of resolving customer complaints faster. They can also make quick product recommendations, which are vital in increasing sales. How then can you make sure that your agents are knowledgeable about the products that you sell?

Converting agents into product experts


Consistent training and knowledge reinforcement programs are some of the systematic measures that can ensure that your call center agents learn from the same knowledge source. This orients them to follow the same procedures and perform based on common competency guidelines.

In order to make your training efforts more effective, your outsourced employees must be able to use the actual products in their training sessions. Having a hands-on experience ensures confidence and familiarity with specific product features, since your agents have been exposed to how exactly your products work.

Product training must be introduced in a systematic way. You can start by orienting all of your call center agents to the new products and then divide the group according to their job roles. This allows a more job-specific training to take place where they can get to know the products better and how to utilize this knowledge in their individual functions.

What happens after product training

Having training strategies in place is a good plan in improving your outsourced team’s product knowledge. But in order to guarantee that your people will learn from these sessions, they must be motivated to learn. Incentivizing their learning progress is a good way to start. Establish point systems and reward top performers of your practical tests. Rewards can range from bonus pay or coupons to paid leaves.


Learning should not stop the moment your customer service and sales agents’ training session is over. You must also provide them with resources and reference materials that they can use to reinforce their existing product knowledge. Self-learning is a good way to make sure that agents practice responsibility by taking initiatives, such as reviewing guides and references or creating cheat sheets out of them, that will boost their product expertise.

The ability to initiate persuasive sales conversations and resolve customer concerns effectively is always dependent on one’s product knowledge. Ensuring that your agents are knowledgeable about the things that your brand offers is therefore a must in improving your call center’s performance both in customer service and sales.



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