5 Tips for successful lead generation via social media


Open Access BPO’s call center outsourcing solution packages include social media among their arsenal of customer service and lead generating tools. Know how you can make the most out of social networks by applying these tips.

According to a Hubspot research, 52% of all marketers successfully generated leads on Facebook last year. This fortifies the idea that the biggest social network is still an efficient instrument for market engagement and brand promotion despite the emergence of competing social media sites. This also shows that many businesses don’t just turn to online tools to provide customer service but to expand their customer base as well.

One more thing that the study suggests, however, is that not all online marketers are successful in sourcing leads on social networks. What happened to the other half that wasn’t able to source leads successfully? Did the 48% fail in their campaign, or did they exclude social media from their lead generating strategies? Either way, those marketers could use the following pointers to source leads on social media:



1.   Visualize your messages

Marketing messages on the Internet are more effective if delivered visually. Hubspot also found out through their experiment that photos generate 128% higher click-through rates and 53% more Facebook Likes than other types of visual posts like videos and links.


2.   Include links in captions

Posting photos alone would make the marketing pitch incomplete and even useless if it doesn’t direct people to your website. Putting linking as part of captions can be extra effective now that Facebook updated its policies, removing the clause that stops brands from putting calls-to-action in cover photo captions.


3.   Tag popular pages

Tagging a popular Facebook Page can help a new Page widen its audience reach and invite more Likes. To do this, the new Page with fewer Likers or followers can tag a Page with a big following. This way, the new Page’s post will become visible to the followers of the popular Page, thus introducing the new Page to the popular Page’s fans.


4.   Conduct Q&A sessions


Marketers can use question and answer sessions to massively engage with their audience. Make the most out of this by linking your company website’s articles or studies that could explain answers to fans who asked complex questions. Doing this gives the askers a relevant reference, and doing so also invites visits to your websites.


5.   Build forms

Build forms on customizable parts of social networks so that you could collect contact information from interested customers without redirecting them to an outside form, which most users find disrupting from their social networking experience.

Social media is indeed an effective tool for delivering customer service, and with a good strategy, this tool could also be used to generate leads.



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Alistair Roque

Alistair Roque

Alistair Roque works as a content writer and blogger for Open Access BPO, a Makati-based outsourcing firm. At present, he spends most of his time writing about modern marketing tools encompassing all forms of media including mobile, e-mail, social media, and other digital platforms. He also gives tips on branding strategies, search engine optimization (SEO), and content marketing. To learn more about the digital marketing and back office solutions you may visit http://www.openaccessbpo.com or You may also want to follow me on Gplus

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