5 Steps for introducing new technology to your customer service staff

5 Steps for introducing new technology to your customer service staff- Open Access BPO

In a fast-paced and ever-shifting business world, companies and consumers alike are introduced to new customer experience technologies every day. From call center support solutions to telephone systems, from sales inventory software to mobile customer service apps, the rise of new technologies has enabled customer experience to rapidly evolve.

It’s advisable for companies to embrace these new technologies as a way of improving customer service, but rolling them out to their staff may become a challenge. Customer support staff, in particular, may experience both excitement and apprehension when handling technologies that are new to them. Oftentimes, the fear stems from the poor orientation method used by the management in presenting the new customer service tools to them.

To avoid these difficulties, here are five steps on how you can effectively introduce new technology to your customer service staff.


5 Steps for introducing new technology to your customer service staff- Open Access BPO- Test the technology first

1.   Test the technology first

The first mistake you need to avoid when rolling out new technology is letting your employees use your new tools without making sure that they are ready for use. Since these properties are new to your customer support agents, they may not be able to distinguish faulty processes from the fine ones. As a result, they may unconsciously lessen their efficiency. Since your agents are your frontline staff, any delay or trouble in their operation may affect the impression you send to your customers.

2.   Tell them the story behind the acquisition

When introducing new processes or equipment, your employees’ enthusiasm and desire to learn may also influence the success of the orientation. Your rollout must make your employees appreciate the new assets of your company by demonstrating how they will benefit your agents.

More importantly, you need to include discussions on how this will ultimately improve the services offered to your customers. This clear vision or understanding will help your staff maximize the benefits of the new technology.

3.   Make the learning experience realistic

When training your agents, avoid committing the mistake of making it mostly lecture-based. You must create a schedule where more hours are given for agents to do test runs or go hands-on with the new tools. No matter how informative your lectures are, your agents won’t be able to translate them into practical use if not given the opportunity to try the tools themselves. After giving them enough time to practice, your agents must have a mock hands-on test that will serve as the evaluative basis as to whether they are ready to go live with the newly acquired properties or if further training is needed.

5 Steps for introducing new technology to your customer service staff- Open Access BPO- Anticipate potential technical issues

4.   Anticipate potential technical issues

Despite your efforts in orienting your customer service staff with the new technology, technical glitches or issues may still arise. You must prepare your agents for these by listing down the possible challenges and their immediate remedies. To make sure they clearly understand the instructions, you can come up with training strategies such as role playing or creating a troubleshooting database or manual.

5.   Solicit feedback during initial stages

The best source of feedback you can use in evaluating your new technology is your staff. Create a system where error reports can be submitted as they come. Usage statistics and technology performance monitoring systems must also be developed so that you can detect technical problems faster. After a few weeks of using the new tools, it’s also wise to ask for observation and areas of concern from your agents. This will guide you in designing refresher courses or supplemental guidelines for your staff.

New customer experience technologies may not give their full benefits to your company and your customers if your frontline employees are not trained properly on how to use them. By following these steps, you can make sure that your customer service staff will be fully equipped with the necessary technical skills in using the newly acquired assets of your company.



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