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5 Red flags to watch out for when outsourcing social media marketing

As your business’ social media following grows, it becomes more difficult to engage customers and address their concerns. In the process, you may end up compromising the quality of your performance. In these situations, outsourced firms that specialize in digital marketing can help boost your social media campaigns. They can manage your online presence in ways that suit your audience’s preferences. This way, they can help you achieve your main targets.

Without a doubt, partnering with experienced and knowledgeable outsourcing companies can fuel your company’s success. But just like other ventures, outsourcing your online marketing processes comes with risks. While you’re on the hunt for the right provider, look out for the following red flags.


1.     Your vendor also works with another third-party vendor.

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You entrusted your social media marketing to a company that supposedly specializes on it, only to find out that they’re also hiring an external firm to perform these processes. That’s an instant red flag, isn’t it? If this is the case, they should clarify this from the beginning.

However, you may want to avoid such setups, as they might involve a lot of hidden fees. In addition, working indirectly with your outsourcing company could result to management problems.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, make sure to thoroughly research about your prospects, evaluate their business model, and ask for feedback from their previous clients. This way, you can ensure that their strategies are aligned with yours.


2.     They’re a new company without an exhaustive or credible portfolio.

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Ideally, the company you’ll choose to outsource to will be able to show you a strong portfolio, along with a list of their previous and existing clients. These two things indicate expertise and credibility.

However, if you’re going to team up with a new social media marketing vendor, don’t expect a laudable compilation of previous works or clients. But this doesn’t mean they’re unworthy of becoming your partner, as they may have a lot of potential. Startup firms also tend to be energetic and inventive. Just be sure to look into their strengths, the quality of their outputs, as well as their ability to adapt to your needs.


3.     Their pricing system is tricky or complex.

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Be wary if your prospective outsourcing company starts billing you in questionable manners, or in ways that aren’t aligned with your needs. Instead, look for a vendor that pays attention to your requirements and creates a fair pricing system based on them. Of course, you would need to agree on a pricing model that works for both parties. But be wary of companies that are unwilling to make compromises to meet you halfway.


4.     You know more than they do.

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These days, almost every entrepreneur would know something about social media marketing. However, you may still choose to outsource this process so you can cut back on operating costs or focus on your core functions.

Do remember that you should always look for providers that know more than you do when it comes to digital marketing. If not, your basic knowledge might yield better results than that of theirs, and this is a counterproductive setup. The ideal outsourcing provider must always be able to add a unique value to the processes they carry out for you.


5.     They do not value your input.

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As your outsourcing company carries out your online marketing processes, they must consider your biggest goals and targets. They should also base their strategies on the information you have regarding your target market.

Therefore, it’s only logical that they seek inputs from you. They may possess the expertise in social media marketing, but they need your insights and data to create the right strategies. Besides, the primary reason you teamed up with them is to create a custom-fit marketing approach that would make you stand out over your competitors.

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