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5 Mistakes that can cause your social media strategy to fail

Social media is now a mainstream communication tool that every business needs. This isn’t surprising considering that almost everyone uses different social media sites to connect and engage with each other, whether personally or professionally. Its wide reach has indeed convinced companies that it’s also a powerful business tool, prompting them to develop and maintain their online presence to reach their respective target markets.

While creating your online presence is important, there are a few measures you need to keep in mind to avoid mishaps that can cause your social media strategy to fail. Here are some of those common mistakes that you need to avoid:


1.     Feedback control


When customers post questions or complaints, they expect timely responses especially during urgent situations. Though you have the option to either ignore or delete comments that can potentially ruin your brand’s reputation, it can only do more harm than good.

When you show your customers that you don’t have the courage to address to their concerns, they might question your transparency and capabilities to handle clients. Instead of eluding unfortunate situations, use them to your advantage by politely responding to their concerns. This shows your genuine commitment to serve your customers.


2.     Fake followers

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Having many followers can definitely spark curiosity among site visitors, even more so if the brand regularly interacts with its followers. Unfortunately, some companies have resorted to creating fake accounts just to boost the number of followers displayed on their social media pages. Even if you have a good number of followers, if your target demographic doesn’t find any real engagements between your and your “clients,” they might doubt the legitimacy of your business, the quality of your services, and the value of the content that you’re sharing.

As they say, quality is better than quantity. So, focus on your niche market, create content that truly speaks to them about their needs, and regularly interact with them. Do these consistently and you’ll be able to attract others to jump aboard, and grow your online community of real people.


3.     Post repetition


Posting the same photos, videos, and links, while convenient for your brand’s online marketing people, can create a bad impression among your demographic. Loyal customers and site visitors might think that your business is unable to product fresh, creative, and engaging content.

Without anything of value that motivates them to stay with your brand, they can easily lose interest in what your company has to say. Soon enough, they’ll start venturing out to check what your competitors have for them. To prevent this from happening, always create original content about the right topics that will interest your customers.


4.     Excessive promotions


Social selling is evidently effective, but this doesn’t mean you need to bombard your audience with hard selling strategies that flood their news feeds. Instead of pulling your followers in, you merely give them a bad customer experience and drive them away. This means lost opportunities for brand development, direct customer care, and sales.

The obvious resolution here is to reinvigorate your content development and social media marketing plans. Start by focusing your content on topics that are important for your customers. If you have to promote your brand and your products, do so sparingly, though you can also opt to post content that are related to your offers such as tips or best practices in using your brand. In addition to this, understand that social media is a platform best used for having meaningful two-way conversations with your customers.


5.     Inconsistent online brand personality


To better reach their customers, brands commonly adapt a personality that they think will resonate better with their demographic. Among many personalities, some businesses take on the image of an authority in their industry, while other choose to be the playful college buddy that befriends customers. In any case, these personalities come with their own voice, signature color schemes, and visual style online.

A consistent personality is a must across all your social media sites. This includes the bio, profile, photos, and content you choose to post. The message and tone must be aligned with the company’s values and goals. Even in answering FAQs and customer complaints, there should be a standard manner in properly addressing customers.


In coming up with a social media strategy, ensure that you don’t fall into these traps. Take advantage of the different online networking sites to reach and engage with your customers.



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Alistair Roque

Alistair Roque

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