4 Social commerce strategies that you should be using now

What social media trends could help businesses launch successful e-commerce campaigns this year? Open Access BPO lists down four strategies that are fast changing the digital marketing game.

The e-commerce industry has found a perfect marketing and audience engagement partner in social media. Social platforms provide avenues for consumers to interact with each other, and online businesses saw the potential of these sites not just in promoting their brands but also in generating profits. This is how social commerce was born.

Providers of business process outsourcing (BPO) services in the Philippines are likewise leveraging on the union of social media and e-commerce by tailoring their solutions according to the changes that happen to popular social networking sites and digital marketing tools. Below are some of those changes that businesses better be embracing by now in order to stay atop of their game.


•     Buy button

Hand accessing buy buttons on mobile ecommerce site

Top social networks Facebook and Twitter have tested a “buy” button on their respective platforms in 2014 in an attempt to offer users the convenience of making purchases without leaving the social network. Once officially rolled out, you should be ready to tweak your channels so that you can make transactions directly on your social account.


•     Social wallet

Hands holding money on map

Just like the Buy button, social wallet aims to give an easier shopping experience by allowing users to use payment features, including money storing and money transfer, right on a social network. Facebook has been testing this feature, so watch out when you could start integrating your payment methods with the social media site.


•     Indoor positioning system


Apple is perhaps the first mobile brand that tried to bring indoor positioning to shoppers. The technology works by notifying nearby smart devices about a product’s location once the user of that device enters an establishment where that item is available for sale. Cashless and cardless payments are also possible through an indoor positioning system like Apple’s iBeacon. If it becomes more mainstream, brands that first embraced this technology could get a great advantage over competitors.


•     Video ads and influencers

videographer and camera

Publishing short video teasers and ads via Instagram and Vine is nothing new, as well as partnering with an influencer to make your post viral in a wide online community. If you have yet to take advantage of media-sharing apps or collaborate with popular names to propel your marketing messages, now is the time to get started.


Do you spot other brewing trends that can revolutionize the way people shop and interact on social media? Share trends that you feel should be included in this list.



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Alistair Roque

Alistair Roque

Alistair Roque works as a content writer and blogger for Open Access BPO, a Makati-based outsourcing firm. At present, he spends most of his time writing about modern marketing tools encompassing all forms of media including mobile, e-mail, social media, and other digital platforms. He also gives tips on branding strategies, search engine optimization (SEO), and content marketing. To learn more about the digital marketing and back office solutions you may visit http://www.openaccessbpo.com or You may also want to follow me on Gplus

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