4 Signs you made the right decision to outsource customer service


How do you know if you are still on the right track when outsourcing customer support? Open Access BPO shows how you can assess if your business is benefiting from outsourced customer service.

Customer service plays a very important role in the success of most businesses. Poor customer service can lead to low satisfaction and high attrition among customers. This is exactly why you should set quality customer service as your highest priority when establishing strategies for your growing business.


The increasing demand from your target markets and the possibly limited resources that you have can be the primary reasons behind your decision to outsource customer service to a call center in the Philippines. Aside from knowing your reasons, it is also essential for you to evaluate if you made the right decision to outsource to a call center.

Here are some signs indicating that the outsourced customer support is working just fine for your business:


1.   Higher customer satisfaction

Outsourcing is designed to provide your customers better services. Because every customer issue is now given enough attention, your customers should feel more satisfied with the quality of support given to them. Positive reviews and feedback during post-call surveys are signs that you are keeping your customers loyal to your business.


2.   Reduced operational costs

With a call center taking care of gathering staff, training them, and setting up necessary facilities, your budget can now be adjusted to allocate more funds to important operations other than customer service. A financial report reflecting the cost effectiveness of your outsourcing initiative is a proof that you made the right choice.


3.   Concentration on core competencies


Because an offshore provider manages your ancillary customer service operation, you must take advantage of the lifted time to focus on your company’s core competencies, such as business planning or marketing. You should also have a better plan by now on which direction your company will be heading as it grows.


4.   Higher level of expertise

Call centers have the advantage of using time-tested quality assurance methods to constantly upgrade their processes in meeting the changing demands of your market. Benchmarks such as average handle time should reflect a more efficient handling of customer concerns and inquiries.

After assessing why your business needs to outsource customer service and initiating the said move, it’s also important for you to assess if this investment is living up to your expectations. By referring to these signs, you can evaluate whether or not you have made the right move of delivering better services to your customers by outsourcing to a call center.



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Alistair Roque

Alistair Roque

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