3 Ways to improve office communication in a Philippine call center- Open-Access-BPO-

3 Ways to improve office communication in a Philippine call center

3 Ways to improve office communication in a Philippine call center- Open-Access-BPO

The success of a call center depends heavily on the quality of its office communication. Open Access BPO explains how managers can provide better communication channels in their companies in order to build a stronger workforce.

In any organization, communication among members is important in maintaining the overall work culture and environment. When communication lines are kept open, employees are able to establish strong work relationships with colleagues. For a call center, building this sense of community can help call center agents practice teamwork, which influences their morale and work efficiency.

Since increased efficiency results to productive outcomes experienced by both outsourcing client and its customers, communication is therefore an area that must be improved by any call center management. The question now is: how exactly can a call center have a positive office communication?

Encouraging conversations

3 Ways to improve office communication in a Philippine call center- Open-Access-BPO- Encouraging conversations

With modern technology bridging gaps through recent innovations that promise convenience and fast delivery of messages, modern society has been unconsciously devoting less time to having actual face-to-face conversations. In a call center where customers and agents from distant locations communicate with the aid of call center technology, it is important to emphasize interpersonal relationships.

Of course, this does not mean that agents should put down their phones or stop using email and chat to communicate among themselves. But, whenever possible, call center leaders must encourage face-to-face conversations. Team meetings, focus group sessions, and brainstorming sessions are some effective ways to enable team members to engage in actual conversations.

Providing feedback

Agent evaluation is not only a way for call center supervisors to measure and improve their performance. It can also provide an opportunity for them to foster positive office communication. By acknowledging the hard work and achievements of agents, the management shows how much it values its agents’ efforts in delivering quality performance. This improves the overall relationship shared by the management and the workforce.

Listening to agents

3 Ways to improve office communication in a Philippine call center- Open-Access-BPO- Listening to agents

Agents must be given the chance to provide suggestions and feedback to the management regarding work conditions. Managers must listen to their agents whenever they want to raise concerns or issue that affect their role in the call center. It’s not enough for managers to just ask for suggestions, they must actually show agents that they listen to them by implementing those tips.

Your agents must see that their efforts in voicing out concerns have positive results, as this shows that call center leaders respect the opinions of the employees and that they want the best for them.

By improving the communication channels in your call center, your agents are more likely to help one another in any way that they can. This improves how agents see the call center not just as a workplace, but also as a place where they share healthy interactions with colleagues.

Improved office communication also enables agents to have higher job satisfaction since they are allowed to express themselves freely. Ultimately, this leads to the call center having a more unified workforce that can produce better performance outcomes.



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